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Sy is giving tips for Prom and Graduation make-up for girls at Duke
Listen Dream and Think Inc. was awarded a Nowbel Peace Prize by a group of 3rd graders at New Open World Academy in Korea Town. Veronica was interviewed for Listen Dream and Think Inc., and their Social Justice programs in the Korea Town a community which the organization helps youth understand  diversity through empowering youth in social, behavioral and  emotional challenges.

 Their network helps youth in their environment and school. Children learn what they see and sometimes our youth have environments in their neighborhood that allows them to mimic bad Behavior.Listen Dream and Think Inc.has helped youth become Empowered thru Vision and learn Positive habits to help them be their best by becoming leaders in their communities. 
 Listen Dream and Think Inc., and their Workshops for Duke Ellington Continuation High School in Watts, CA. had a progressive after school program for six weeks which helped the senior girls with goals, visions and preparations for attending colleges or vocational schools in the fall of 2013.
 Our Goals are for Listen Dream and Think are to help young girls make the most of their lives by providing a safe, healthy and drug free (environment).  With a supervised supportive
staff that enrich their academic, social skills
 emotional and behavior life challenges.

Listen to our Radio Broadcast from An Empowered Woman. Click on the Link below
Mentoring traveled to Sun Burst Youth Academy in Los Alamitos to help their youth with goals and behavior problems which contributed to their dropping out of high school. Since our mentoring program  the students have graduated high school and one is now attending Santa Monica City College.                                                                             
                           Dance it off
Giving back to our neighborhood with After School Programs. Listen Dream and Think Inc., discovered that through dance it helped students exercise and stay in shape. Vanessa's Positive Energy Center volunteered her talents to help with the youth in this community.  
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