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Listen Dream and Think Inc. has started their new campaign to stop
BULLYING. It is important that you make your children aware of hurting
others is a serious problem.
If you know some one that is a BULLY tell your TEACHER, PARENTS

Traits of Bullying:
They are concerned with their pleasure they don't think of others.
They will blame others for their problems.

Tips that will help kids deal with BULLIES:
Tell them to talk to their Parents
Talk to them about staying away from the person
Instruct them to walk away and get an ADULT

Signs of a child being BULLIED:
They are socially withdrawn
Grades Drop
Low Self-Esteem
Anxious and Fearful
Lack of interests in school they fear going to school

Veronica and Vanessa at Tomiko Frazer's Project at Beyond Shelter

  Listen Dream and Think Inc. has developed  a proactive and collaborative multi-community approach to alleviate teen pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse in the Los Angele's area.   
We are now offering counseling and coaching sessions to youth that are experiencing difficulty with Academics, Behavior, Emotional or Social problems in school or their neighbor hood environment. 

      Ladies in Heels a Spa Day for our Homless Sisters
                   with Arnecia,Veronica and Bresha



 Please Contact Veronica Thomas 
       Phone: 310-902-1354

        We are here for you
Our Mentoring Programs are for young girls that are having challenges at School or Home.  We helped several young ladies complete High School and Graduate with Honors.


     Empowered through Vision
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