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Donate to help Listen Dream and Think Inc. with their building fund to have a safe environment for today's youth in various communities.

Listen Dream and Think Inc.
Visits a group of third grade students wanting answers on how to change their communities.



Help youth in at risk communities receive counseling services and activities in a group environment. A center is needed in order to continue the work in various communities.

                     MISSION STATEMENT
Listen Dream and Think Inc. has developed  a proactive and collaborative multi-community approach to alleviate Emotional and Social challenges in our communities.

                               COMMUNITY SERVICES
Listen Dream and Think Inc., has been essential with social issues with mature women as well as youth and teens that need assistance with Job Readiness, Resume Building and making the Appearance which enables then to get an interview with the right employer. We help build positive attitudes that allows  clients a chance in neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles, Compton, Watts and North Hollywood Listen Dream and Think about becoming successful in their further.  

 Please Contact Veronica Thomas 
       Phone: 310-902-1354

        We are here for you
Our Mentoring Programs are for Mature Women & young girls that are having challenges at School or Home.  We  have helped them complete High School and College graduating with Honors.
 Donate and help Listen Dream and Think Inc.

Over the last week I have been asking my Friends and Family to help Listen Dream and Think Inc. donate to our building fund. One of the reasons is to help our volunteers mentor to more youth on their ability to learn how to read. I am sure all of you have children or some young person around you that need help with Academics, Social Skills, Behavior Challenges and maybe you don't have time to help. Allow Listen Dream and Think Inc. to help you. I have researched the statistics on the average child with their ability to read or have some type of learning disability.

Listen Dream and Think Inc are here to help with mentors, tutors and counselors.

3% of children in California will not finish high school.
The average student learns about 3,000 words per year in the early school years (8 words per day).
Five to six year old youth have a vocabulary of 2,500-5,000 words.
Disadvantaged students in the first grade have a vocabulary that is approximately half that of an advantaged student (2,900 and 5,800 respectively).54 percent of all teachers have limited English proficient (LEP)  students in their classrooms, yet only one-fifth of teachers feel very prepared to serve them. 14% of all individuals have a learning disability.
The educational careers of 25 to 40 percent of American children are imperiled because they don't read well enough, quickly enough, or easily enough. It is estimated that more than $2 billion is spent each year on students who repeat a grade because they have reading problems.

     Empowered through Vision
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