Listen Dream - Empower Girls with Better Education and Employment Opportunies
     Listen Dream and Think has helped over 100 youth and teens .
               " Remember allow her to Listen Dream and Think "
                                            Lisa and Veronica
                           MISSION STATEMENT
L.D.T. has developed a proactive and collaborative multi-community approach to alleviate teen pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse in the Los Angeles area.
The programs will establish an active conscious awareness of pertinent social issues and public policies, in addition to opportunities and strategies to empower parents and community members. The main goal of the program is to organize qualified guest speakers with a continuously growing base of attendants, creating interaction, discussion, education and advocacy for current topics.  Our center will be organized and equipped to help youth explore their skills in education, job along with career goals.  This alone will add a positive strength to our success at L.D.T...
                           We are here for you
The Center is an innovative community partnership dedicated to reducing   teen pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse and their debilitating effects on Los Angeles area communities.  Teen Pregnancy, drug abuse and alcohol consumption have longed held our teens and youth in bondage to a stale environment of low self-esteem and self-worth. The population of youth and teen will make a difference in a now targeted violent society.  There are centers that are set up and designed with other issues similar to ours but none of which offer our goals and core value. And of course, Public Policy and Youth Advocacy has not been given proper attention in the Los Angeles area. Networking will be one of the contributions that L.D.T. will offer. We will network between Universities, Colleges and Communities. Also opportunities will be created for the youth and their families to enter into relationship of parent and child.
                              Our Goals
L.D.T. will implement outreach programs and collaborate with Career Centers, Trade and Technical Schools to help young people choose their right place in society. Our programs will be designed to reach out to youth by providing them with opportunities to visit and learn about academic programs
Our Mentoring Programs are for young girls that are having challenges at School or Home.  We teamed up with Sunburst Youth Academy and helped several young ladies complete High School and Graduate with Honors.Placing your child, teen or young adult at Listen Dream and Think will give you as a parent an opportunity to see growth and direction in her. Our Staff will help your daughter learn how to grow in excellence and empower her with a better education and teach her skills that will allow her to get the career or job she wants to become successful in today's Society. " Remember allow her to Listen Dream and Think "
                       Rubye and Veronica Sun Burst Academy Mentor Program
                          Arnecia, Veronica and Bresha Empower through Vision
                                      Rubye going to the Prom
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